Weathered out yet still skiing powder

I had plans to go out to the Freshfield glacier with the Rocky Mountain Sherpas. These boys are old friends and are very talented cinematographers, their movies are filled with amazing images and wild time lapses, watch their trailer. Anyhow, on Saturday we were supposed to fly out but the sky never cleared so we “roasted” the day away and tried again on Sunday. Not being one great at waiting around I eventually bailed and headed up to the pass. A quick afternoon/evening up Balu and Cheops north made for some ok dust on crusts turns. But the falling snow guaranteed good skiing the next few days.

I knew of a great local spot were we could benefit from the fresh 20cms and low snow line. So I headed up solo yesterday and sampled 10 000 feet of powder turns. Windloaded up to 40cm in some places, it was full on winter up there. And today, I headed back up there with some friends, humming and hawing after my first run Chris suggested we shred south, the turns were hot, Jalapeno hot, so good in fact that we did a couple of runs to make sure that they were as good as we thought. Then another couple of runs and we headed home.

Without family around I had a snack and then napped from 5:30-8:30. Wow.  Not too often I do that, its almost like it was back in the day. But then I used to ski all day and fall asleep on the red shag carpet for a few hours, but now there’s no more red shag. Still that same exhausted feeling though.

I am focusing on keeping my vertical advantage and making it bigger so when Tracey returns I can enjoy 4 days of family time and then travel up to the Yukon. May 21-June 10th we will be up in the St-Elias range, checking out what it has to offer. I am really looking forward to seeing Canada’s biggest mountains.

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