Videographer day 1

Drove home from Vancouver last night, left at about 8 and got here at 1am. Awoke at 6 to get my stuff together and meet darek at 7.  There was little that could get in my way of getting out skiing today, I needed to get out and feel the wind as well as try out my new camera.



 It’s a consumer quality camera with HD quality, it s called the sony HDRHC7 and boasts a 6.1 mpixel still as well as video. So I will be  able to blog some video as well as some still photos. I have aims of focusing on video and trying to bring the blogging experience to the next level. Bringing out small video regularly so I can provide a better window into the mountains.


Today was a great day, cold -10 and blower powder, I spend my day figuring out the ins and outs of my tripod and camera. I don’t imagine that I got much workable footage but  i may try to string something together so I can get used to the process. See how easy/ or how hard it will be to post some video.

I am definitely out of shape, we did two short runs off Grizzly shoulder and then skied home via Grizzly bowl. NOt much more than 4000 feet and I am exhausted.  

 all for now



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