Well Sean Easton and I met up for a first backcountry date together. I didn’t want to push things too much on our first outing together but this guy is a hard core alpine climber so I needed to keep it interesting. No… I didn’t really need to do anything because I knew we would have a great day out. The sun was shinning and the snow is staying really cold.

We ventured up towards Video Peak, which had 12 tracks down it, and used their up track to get up on the summit. Then shredded our own untracked  lines of this peak. For the first time I passed my camera off and let Sean film me as I skied down. Great turns were had by both of us. I wished I had two cameras as I watched Sean shred down. Each of his powder turns were illuminated by the light and looked great.

We then headed  up the ridge towards Ursus Minor and had a great tour up to the summit. The minor scrambling was fun and then the descent was  fun, Perhaps a little early for the chute but great turns the rest of the way down. Well almost! The final 1000 feet of dust on crust was not exciting but "no pain no pleasure" .



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