Three Pass traverse


The three pass route is definitely a Roger’s Pass Classic, done in either a day or three it offers some beautiful views with  3 passes that you climb and ski through. A tour up Balu pass, down and then up to Catamount pass, a long descent and then up to McGill Pass and out to the Bostock parking lot. A 28 km 8000 foot tour.

We left the parking lot at 8.30am and toured up to Balu pass. Fast travel led us up to the pass by 10.30, Jay, Chris, Ian and I were primed and ready for the next two passes. Down into cougar creek and a quick snack to energize us for the three thousand foot climb to the top of Catamount mountain. 15 cm of fresh powder covered all the sun crusts and windslabs that were starting to poke out, things were looking fantastic. We were on the summit by 1.30 and carving some great turns down the NE side of Catamount.DSC_3020.jpg

DSC_3004.jpg Chris charged down the slope and then Jay followed. Jay skied a little further skiers right and into some snow that was  a little more solar. The warmth created more of a slab and he triggered a sizable slide. He was at the top and let it slide past him and down the pitch, and then had to ski the bed surface. Ian stayed in the shadows and had a fantastic run down throwing up some beautiful powder.

From there we skied down 4000 feet to Ursus Creek and started up towards Mcgill pass. A long but dramatic tour, surrounded by gnarly lines which we all talked about the potential of skiing any of them. Someday perhaps.

From the pass we skied down into Bostock creek and out. Needing a little more vertical I toured up a 1500 extra feet and met up with them at the parking lot.

Great tour. As I said worth doing quickly or leisurely. 

10750 feet  9 hr 30 mins  

  1. Louis Pelland May 4, 2010 at 6:17 am

    Hey Greg,

    Were you up Swanzy on April 16th with another budy? We were on top of the Dome when we saw a couple of guys going up the south face around 1:30pm. Whe then heard a big slide around 2pm, looked and saw two skiers doing the sickest line I have ever witnessed, made Matchstick movies look like Sesame’s Street. If you were up there or know who was, let me know, I took a couple of good shots of that from the Dome…Cheers,


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