third tenner and a great day in the pass

Yesterday we ventured up to Avalanche Crest in Rogers Pass. Its one of the best top to bottom runs in the pass, 3300-3500 feet straight down to the road. Poor visibility due to the endless snowfall but we had two runs in Uto Bowl which were fantastic and then the Avalanche shot to finish it off. The picture here shows how endless the line is. The powder was deep and light, but my batteries were dead so I did not get any shots.




Today I did my third ten thousand foot day. My cough is getting worse but I had to go out and log a 10 000 footer. So I toured up ol’ Mackensie and lapped some great runs. Nothing dramatic just athletic.

Did cross paths with some mule deer though. I saw their tracks all day and then skied into them. The stag was very regal in the snowfall, large rack and a confident stance. I missed the shot since my bag was in between us and by the time I got to it the stag and his does were gone. I must learn to carry my camera with me at all times….

Well 97 days to go.

Good weather coming hopefully I will get some great pictures.

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