The other side of Grizzly

Its funny how so many lines can sit there for ages and never be seen. I was feeling a little tired today and not exuberant, feeling that after the week of new runs that it was time to take a break. Jeff mentioned Grizzly, Aaron took his idea and suggested a north chute off its western summit. Aaron had a great photo of the line from last week and we all looked at it on his view finder, zooming in and examining it. It was such a  defined line; it seemed funny that I had never really noticed it. Maybe in passing but never as  a ” we should go ski THAT” sorta line.

We quickly climbed up and summitted Grizzly Mt and then Jeff and Aaron checked out the entrance.

The start zone was small and we were able to drop some cornice on it and then ski cut it. It all fell away beautifully and soon enough the three of us were leapfrogging our way down. Small slabs had to be ski cut off the sides of the chute and then the fan was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. A 2000ft run, back up to Little sifton where we waited patiently for the clearing that never came. then down through a notch and back into Grizzly bowl. Good times.

  1. Beau Chevassus February 15, 2010 at 2:55 am

    Hey there! Being inspired by ski-touring (lol. I’d never do Grizzly though. Sorry!) but unable to do any backcountry skiing at the moment because we live in Seattle, we made a stop-motion YouTube video. I think you’d dig it!

    "Inspiré / (Seattle Ski Stop-Motion)"

    That’s all. Thanks!

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