The evolution is happening

 DSC_3155.jpgWhen I first walked in the F1’s I knew that the bellows was revolutionary. It was amazing how much more natural a gait I had. Skinning was easier, less robot like and more human. But the boot was never enough for my bigger skis it wasn’t powerful enough to really charge downhill.

 Today I tried out the F3’s and  can feel the evolution happening.This boot has the bellows, the easy walking but it also has more of a downhill side to it. I was skiing my smaller skis but I had great control, I could shred. I can’t wait to try out my bigger skis. These boots make ski touring easier, light and easy for walking and so far great for the downhill.

 A late start had me touring up Mt-Mackenzie at 1.50 during a downpour. It seemed like a day where I I might have to suffer  while I worked towards my goal.But after an hour of rain it cleared and I could see the Monashee summits. 15 cms of snow had fallen in the alpine and was a little heavy but still fresh tracks. I began lapping the upper 2000 feet and had a great afternoon. I was loving the F3’s and skied 5 different runs, ending skiing down Anticipation while the sun set.  The photographer in me  was really liking the light on my final run and was wishing for some mountain models to take photos of.

 11000 feet 6 hrs.

  1. ted April 23, 2007 at 12:39 am

    Curious, what is your big ski vs your small ski? thanks ted

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