Still hitchin

I am not sure if its my frustration showing about still not having a vehicle, but after 1.5 hours I couldn’t stand there any longer and came home and edited. This “deal” on a rental is not helping my goal at all. Supposed to be today at noon, now tomorrow at noon. Each day is wasted and my goal will require bigger and bigger days.

Well today was not totally wasted, a friend, David arrived last night and we toured up the Volcano Nuevo and came home by noon to get my car. 5000 ft so not a total loss but still some vertical lost.&^%&** I need a vehicle so I can dictate my days, hitchin and getting nowhere does not help.

Anyways, I am learning more and more about touring in Chile each day. The wind,viente, is a constant. Today the gusts were up to 70km, almost blowing us over at times. Supposedly powder does not last long because of this so when it comes, take advantage of it.  Ski crampons are always worth carrying.

Windslab,crusts and sastrugi (?) all a common sight around here. But we did manage to find the softer snow and enjoy ourselves.  Real snow coming on Sunday, which is much needed and will be much enjoyed.

Thanks to Tom Pitts,Michael Davies, and Ptor Spricenieks, who donated to my cause. I am being blown away by this support and it will help me get my momentum back.

Today is half time. 183 days in and 182 days to go. I am at 923 474 ft, 14 days behind schedule. Will I be able to catch back up?  An obvious question.  Hell yes I will, this is like a marathon where you realize that your pace has been a little slow, and now its the final half and time to pick it up. So its going to take some time but I am not letting go. No sprinting now, but a faster more aggressive pace for sure.  Especially once I get a car. Please let it be tomorrow.Please…

  1. AK Jack July 3, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Keep it goin’, Greg. Good luck in gettin a car.

    There’s some nasty gasses emitted from some of those vents. One breath of hydrogen sulfide can kill.

    Buena suerte!

  2. maxime July 3, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    Off course you will be able to catch up!! Good luck!

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