Still deep and fluffy

The last few days have been repeats of the same. Mostly because the access is easy, the turns amazing and the ski out relatively easy. There were 25 tracks down the two main runs on video and 8 of them were mine, all super fun and deep.  We posed up a shot but I turned the wrong way so I get lost in the pow but here is yesterday’s first turns off video. Courtesy of Joey.

The weather is not looking promising, -20 to -30’C at elevation tomorrow. If there are any winds with that it will be cold.  And the same for the next 3 days, cold and clear. Brrrrrr.  We need snow not cold and clear, but it looks like it should change by this weekend.

So no need for me to pound huge days, since sweating is not conducive to comfort when it is that fricking cold. Hopefully the real snow starts soon.

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