I am beginnning to feel spoiled. I started this rambling blog to follow my search for powder and looking back at every day I have been spoiled. Amazing powder everyday, countless runs of pristine untouched snow. Sometimes I find myself complaining about the quality and I catch myself when I realise how good it is. I hope this blog teases you to get up here and enjoy some of this bounty.brain.jpg

Brian,Aaron and I had a fantastic day today. We broke trail up Glacier crest and skied a fantastic run down towards the mouse trap, 1600 feet of great turns down a run I have never skied. New lead to trace on my wall of maps! Then a small tour up to a direct shot down to the mouse trap, fantastic turns.deeppow.jpg

We had hopes that someone would have broken trail up the morraines towards the Dome. But somehow no one had. So after 4000 feet of 35-45 cm of deep trail breaking we found ourselves breaking more trail up to the morraine. Once we had a track in we slammed in 4 runs of steep and deep skiing.
The steeper the better. endless deep turns with some great pillow hucks along the way. Day 19 done, almost 1/5 of the way there. Today was tough, a little too much trail breaking. But that meant that we had guaranteed freshies everywhere we went.

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