Sir Sandford mini Traverse


Sir Sandford is the highest peak in the Selkirks, standing around 11,550 feet. Not particularly huge in comparison with the world but the highest in our range. Three years ago I made an attempt in November, where we drove 80 km up a logging road and parked direct;y under its south face. From there we toured up to a col and around to the great cairn hut. Perfect conditions for an early season ascent. We went to bed under blue skies and awoke to clouds. Regardless of visibility Dave and I skinned and bootpacked up to around 10 000 feet but we turned around at the crux since we couldn’t see a thing.

Now I am returning with hopes of another attempt at this beautiful summit. The north glacier line is a fantastic approach that leads up to a final ridge to the summit, an ideal ski tour and perfect ski descent. Hopefully the stars will align and we will get another chance. 

We will be driving north of Revelstoke up to Adamant lodge where we hope to get a flight into the Sir Sandford area. From there we will attempt to ski Sir Sandford, then Adamant and hopefully a couple of other peaks around there. After three days we will ski out to the lodge and home.

 We have many dreams; on this trip one is a view down the south side of Sir Sandford at this amazing line.sirsandford.JPG


Well I will take lots of photos and  promise to blog when I get home. 

  1. steve April 1, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    Good luck Greg!

    Looks awesome.

  2. John April 2, 2007 at 10:26 pm

    That is some wild skiing. Talk about taking it to the next level. Well Done.

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