Shredding with my little sister

Yesterday I quickly mentioned my sister Jesse. Well she has joined us on this trip and will probable ski with me  for the next month. Jess is 22 and a little keener. I decided to take it easy on her today and we headed into the same area as yesterday, but to the NW. The main tower is called Cerro Soldado and is quite the rotten pillar, but very cool to ski past.

Jess has never been above 9000 feet and I was curious to see how the elevation would affect her. Since this climb goes up to 3600m/11800ft(?), we were going to be climbing much higher than she had ever been. We headed up slowly and in the end I don’t think she felt it, although she did feel the 4500 ft of gain and the hot sun. Honestly it was nice to head up slowly and chat with my sis, get some gossip and actually have someone to talk to on the way up.

We skied a great line, with wicked powder and no rocks, and Jess hung out while I lapped back up and skied another line. Pretty great skiing. The kind that makes you want to ski more and more. Here is Jess shredding her first line in Argentina.

It was another windless day and I wonder how long this can last, could I get lucky enough to get a week of great skiing and no wind in Las Lenas? I wish I had not written that out loud, I may have just cursed myself.

Tomorrow I will crack 1.3 million which will feel great, day by day I get closer.

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