Rogers Pass

I am very fortunate that I have an undestanding partner who lets me out two days after the birth of our second child. Tracey understand my needs and somehow accomodates them. Thanks Trace!

I headed up to Rogers pass at around 6 am getting touring by 7. I headed up the “old” Grizzly shoulder and followed a skin track unlike any I have seen before. I followed it because I love to see where people will go. This one wound up the front side of Grizzly shoulder eeking its way through pillow lines and avi paths till it finally ended it the middle of nowhere. I enjoyed it because it mades its way through terrain i usually rip through without looking around. And by skinning up through it I could slow down and observe all the nuances of the terrain. Actually discovered a patch of burnt trees that must have burnt this summer. And then skied through them an hour later.Don.jpg

I skied two runs and then met my mom, step dad and sister Jesse at around 10 am. We then drove over and toured up NRC for some great top to bottom runs. Had some great turns with the family and then skied a couple of extra laps to turn it over 10 000.jess.jpg

I am getting anxious to have skied 20 days, I am at 17 and it will feel great to have 1/5 of the goal accomplished.

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