Rogers pass paying off

I am starting to feel more fit, my 5th 10 000 foot day and I managed it in under 6 hours, with 2000 feet of trail breaking. A nice 3000 foot run of Grizzly Shoulder, then a quickie up teddy bear trees, Grizzly chute was screaming my name but I had left my bag thousands of feet lower and was beginning to bonk. So down I went and up to Bruins Pass.

Two clear nights in a row and the surface hoar is building. Setting up for a serious avalanche cycle when it gets loaded with new snow. surface hoar.jpg

I will have to be wary after the next storm.




 Head down and legs pumping I didn’t realize I had broken out of the clouds, when I turned and saw the sea of clouds with peaks poking through. Cheezy shot but I can’t hide my dorkiness.cooldude.jpg

I then had untracked turns down 8812 bowl. 2800 feet of alpine turns all to myself, and people say its crowded in Rogers Pass! 8812.jpg

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