Rogers Glacier

DSC_0864.jpgThe weather man predicted “cloudy with sunny breaks”. So I went up to the pass with hopes of perhaps climbing and skiing off Mt-Rogers. But I never actually saw the summit, the clouds moved in with such frequency that the sunny periods were far too brief for me to make a summit attempt.

So I toured up 4500 feet onto the moraines and the toe of the glacier. At this point I was in a complete whiteout, just wandering through the soup. It’s funny i may not be able to remember people names but I usually always remember terrain features. I have not been up to Mt-Rogers since last year and through the whiteout I managed to navigate up the usual route. Even though I could not see 25 feet around me.  So instead of heading up to the summit I set up a 1200 foot lap and started shredding some dust on crust. 20-25 cms of nice snow lay over a rain crust and provided some decent skiing. 5 runs and my goal was complete.

 10080 feet in 6.5 hrs.


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