Race set up!

I went out early this morning on my racing set up and it felt great. The F1′s have such a natural gait to them, the bellowed toe makes walking so natural. My small little race skis, (165 cm 64mm waisted goode skis} felt light and fast beneath my feet. But I had some serious trail breaking to get my track set up. But once I had 3000 feet of skin track set up I began lapping the upper 1400 feet of it. Great snow that billowed up to my shoulders as I straightlined down the mellow slope. 10 200 feet in 4hrs 43min. I am finally 33% of the way there!

I have also finally gotten my website up and running. It will be eventually be accessed by but right now it can be accessed by clicking here
Comments are encouraged as I just set it up and some criticism is enjoyed.

And I am off to Sol mountain guiding for a few days and will hopefully pull in 2 more 10 000 footers before relaxing till the 24hoursofsunlight race on Feb 3.
All for now.

  1. Terry January 25, 2007 at 3:41 am

    Hi Greg,

    Am wondering what equipment you usually ski on?

    The Goode’s look very light!

  2. greg hill January 26, 2007 at 6:04 am


    once I have a bit more time I plan on getting a gear I use page to this blog, but for now I will give you the nitty gritty. I ski on Goode 96 mm waisted skis in the 185 cm length. With Scarpa Spirit3’s and dynafit bindings. G3 skins. I am also very fortunate in that Arcteryx clothes me so i have a great suit to wear. I always tour in softshell with a insulated goretex to throw over when I am hanging around. I hope that answers some of your questions and I will work on the gear I use page. greg

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