Powder in Pucon

If you had told me three days ago, as I battled the wind, that I would be skiing powder today , I would not have believed you. But weather changes things, which is the beauty of the mountains. So today I toured up through 30cm of freshies.

Pretty wicked except that there is no terrain worth skiing at or below tree line, so I headed up the Volcano. Up a ridge that was once a ski lift and now sits, unused. Which is great since at times the lift towers are the only reference around, and some times you can barely see them.  Yesterday we, Dave and I, could see nothing but the towers but today there were moments of almost clarity. Clear enough that we could skin up the safety of the ridge and ski down the deep, soft and lovely snow in the gully. The creamiest snow I have skied in Chile, so smooth and nice. Ahhhhhhh it reminded me of the reason I love to ski powder. Smooth and effortless.

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