Popes Peak

My Brother ,Adrian, is a country music video producer and is in the process of making a Christmas special. Part of the special is that the singers get to do winteresque things and one of the activities is backcountry skiing. Adrian asked me if I would not mind starring in his show and of course I said I would help out. So I found myself at Sunshine “guiding” these singers. It was pretty fun and a good break from my ordinary days.

Since I was in the Rockies I did a great day tour and had some really good spring skiing. Aaron met me at West Louise and we headed up towards Popes Peak; an area neither of us had ever visited.

We had dreams of going up the couloir on the right but lots of sun had the upper slopes warming up and we headed up climbers left and ended up skiing beside our friends tracks. Cody and Isaac had been out here three days ago and we ended up repeating exactly what they had done. Two great runs up high and then we started heading out. Then instead we deemed the couloir worth trying and started skinning up towards it. As we got closer it was obvious that the slopes had sloughed enough times down the couloir and the snow was terrible. So we pulled skins and headed out. Super cool zone directly off the highway and one I had never explored. Exploration and good spring powder= no complaints.

  1. David May 13, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    Hello Greg,

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