Playing catch up

Needless to say Las Vegas was enjoyable. There is no place like Vegas, and it has to be seen to be appreciated.Good food, Cirque du Soleil and a total gamble of 11$. Pretty fun.

Due to lots of different reasons, January has not been a huge vertical month for me. First off, I had to get in shape to make big days easier. So that took awhile. Then I had to balance family with obsession and I was heading away from home for 10 days so needed to ensure I had some good kid time. And then I was at the Outdoor retail show and trying to squeeze in skiing around the show. So since I returned from Vegas I have been a little on the hunt. We got home at 7:30pm and by 9:30pm I was touring up our local hot spot. Digging deep and running fast I had 10 000 feet done in around 4.5 hours.Home by 2.15 am.

Then I awoke and had some skiing with my Dad and I met Aaron at 12pm to go in to the Slackcountry. We quickly headed up to the main summit and skied the NE face. When Scott Newsome and I first skied this on April 1 2001 it was the biggest line of my life and possibly one of the first “first descents” of my career. I was so excited and it was epic, I skied the green line and Newsome skied the red line. Today we skied the red line and it was fun. Good in some places and crusty in others.

We then skinned and boot packed up another 1000 foot chute and had some fun and then up and back into bounds for one more chute. Good times, all three lines were new for Aaron, which makes them even more fun.

I sought out some balance and played Dad for awhile and then headed out at 8.30pm to turn my day into another 10 000 feet. Today I skied with the kids; who are both improving daily and then toured 5300 feet at the fingers. Which was remarkably good. So I am catching back up and I should end this month at Par, or just under.




  1. tavis January 30, 2010 at 5:54 am

    Man thats inspiring to be out touring into the wee hours of the morning. I have no concept of what that would be like as our access to the bc is quite a bit more difficult here in Missoula.

    Just curious, how far do you have to drive to where you gear up? Is the full moon helping :-)?

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