A great day out in the mountains. Some people need coffee to wake up I prefer to solo ski steep lines. Up and up till I could get into the line on lookers right, fun steep and fast down to the valley. Up past the Frey Refugio and to the south side of Rocha Inclinada, leaning rock summit. I hoped to get on top but it looked a little beyond my safety co-efficient.

So 15 feetĀ  below the summit I skied a traversy south line down to the valley. It was soft and nice so I returned via another way and enjoyed it again. Midway up I finally saw my first condor, it was great to watch as it floated effortlessly on the thermals. It looked pretty large, bald eagle size for sure maybe a touch bigger. Looking at my photo maybe quite a bit bigger.

Anyways a decent solo day out running around, 10 680 ft of good times.

  1. David August 15, 2010 at 5:42 am

    I love that area. It was so cool to be out cruising and then notice a condor. Sometimes I thought they looked pretty big and then I realized they were still far off and were actually enormous. Enjoy.

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