Crushed and ready for the next 47%.. so far it is as hard as I hoped. Each day has its amazing moments, lots of great skiing and fun lines, but each day is also really gruelling. There are moments of screaming, swearing at the mountains, or myself for undertaking such a challenge.

Right now when I got out I try and ski tour 13000ft or 4000m. That is the goal each day. So I am guaranteed that each day will be absolutely crushing. Over 7 hours of uphill hiking, each day ends with stubbornness. I always dream of doing more but more often than not crossing the 13000ft line is ENOUGH.

Today was special because I was going past 50%, I tried to ignore it and slide my way on up. But inside I was psyched, I know I am on par and this is working out. There is still lots of unknowns and doubts but it is in the realm of the possible. I may be able to hike a 100km vertically in this month. As a reward for all that hiking the skiing has been well worth it. But there is still 15 days left and lots can happen…

Here is a little google earth shot with my track from today, in the Monashee range. Mt-English area. Gives you an idea of what I am doing for ten hours each day.

I am probably off the grid for the next two days, going to some remote skiing.

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