Hostal life!?!

Most of this trip I have been staying in Cabanas with my family but now that I am solo and with my sister there is no need for Cabanas. A desire for them but no need since they obviously cost more. As a family we slept in Mendoza, Argentina and were kept up all night with a bunch of partying young girls.

The other day Jess and I were driving around and looking for a Hostal, the first one was really nice but cost 30$ each which seemed ridiculous since there were 40 empty beds on the busiest weekend of the year. We then drove around and tumbled upon this place, Hostal Nirres. What a mistake that was! On first inspection it seemed Ok, 16$ each and a family atmosphere. We never checked out the kitchen but the bedrooms were ok, a double for me and Jess. So we checked in and headed up skiing.  It was only when we came home that we realized how gross this place really is. It was my night to coo so we found the kitchen and immediately were grossed out. Dishes everywhere, nothing clean, all kinds of meat just sitting on counters, disgusting. I cleaned a small little spot and managed to cook a stirfry. Then by the next morning it was worse and Jess and I had to hold our breath while cooking breakfast, holding back vomit.

We thought it was just us that noticed it but last night we partied a bit and the others staying here mentioned it also. And that family atmosphere I mentioned, was non existent with us, or the other patrons. So all in all a disgusting place that I cannot wait to leave, only one more night.

So how do you guess my vertical for the week? Well I had a good day yesterday, a little cloudy but overall a decent day. If I was guessing I would imagine that I am an obsessed  individual who focuses on numbers. and certain benchmark numbers feel really good to hit……

Guess my vert

Ok, so here’s the deal, it a seven day period or one week. Make a guess at what my vertical for the week will be and win 50$ gift certificate to

In a typical week I need to average 38500ft, my best has been 68000 my worst 0. So far I am three days in, one in Valle Nevado, at altitude, then a long drive down here to Las Trancas, we summitted Volcan Nuevo, and then I did some extra vertical. Then yesterday I woke up not feeling great but we went out and I brought Jesse to the hot springs.  And today its sunny and looking beautiful outside. It also looks like sun for the rest of the 4 days.

So guess away. when you guess I would put bot numbers  1.374000 and  38.500 or whatever your guess is.  My skiometer is stalled till then end of this comp so simply add you guess onto 1.335589.  Good luck.

Fine print:
Submit guess by Sept. 21, 2010 to
1 guess per person (duplicates will be thrown out)
Check your email everyday starting Sept 22, 2010
Must claim prize within 3 days.
18 or older unless with consent of parent
United States & Canada residents only
Term and conditions:​store/​dc/​1007/​Backcountry-Guess-Gregs-Vert-Sweeps.html

enjoying the mountains with my sister

After realizing how desperate the skiing was around Valle Nevado, Jesse and I headed out and skied the only skiable backcountry line around, something called the Chimney. Jess has never really skied a couloir so this one was a great intro. 40 degrees and tight at the top and then it slowly fanned out, steep cliffs on both sides, a real couloir. Pity the snow was so shitty in it.

We then packed up and drove 7.5 hours south back to las trancas. Since the bicentennial of Chile is about to happen, I wanted to be somewhere a little out of the way. A 5 day party may sound fun but I would prefer it in a relaxed environment vs a crazed city.

So back in a familiar zone, Jesse and I hiked up Volcan Nuevo and Jess “stood” on top of her first Volcano. From there we skied down on decent dust on crust and she headed home.  I continued for a few hours to get a bit more vertical and some good skiing. Its amazing how much more snow there is down here, meters more. 

So I have not posted my vertical the last few days because  and I are about to host a guess how much vertical greg will do this week.  We are a little behind in getting it going but the idea is  what will I be at on Sept 22. Anyhow as the details are made clear I will post them.  I imagine it will all get finalized today. But whoever guesses closest will win a gift certificate to  more on this later.

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