Taking a day off so early into this goal felt a little counter intuitive…. like I should be out there pounding skin track, but I know that mentally it made sense. I need to keep my inspiration and psych on this goal and knowing that days off are just around the corner helps motivate on a daily basis. It still felt early but I know my body liked it, as well as my mind.

I got to a few of my chores and then went cross-country skiing for an hour, real mellow. Some hot tub time, a house visit by my physio, which included some acupuncture and then a nice glory bowl for dinner.

I like the four and one schedule because it is quick and to the point. The first day goes by as first days do, and then by the second you can already see the fourth day. On the third, day no matter how hard it is you know that the next day is your night off day, so it can’t be that bad. and the fourth day you know it will end so its ok, no matter what.

Its all about staying in the trees right now and that’s all I can do. Luckily there are lots of great places to do that. On tuesday Mcgill shoulder was incredible, run after run of fast and light powder skiing. A little windy and stormy but soooo good.

I was lapping some great 1800-2200 ft west facing runs, fast and wicked skiing.

Looking at the weather it seems like there will be at least 4 more days of powder skiing, temps warming but freezing levels only going up to 3600ft so the skiing at 7000ft should be epic. Time will tell and I will be out there for sure.

All photos by Bruno Long Courtesy of SUUNTO.

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