Out early

Hi folks, Tracey here again. Do not worry though as Greg should be home tomorrow and you will get the full update then. I just thought I would give you a little quickly to keep you in the loop. They did summit Mt. Steele which was full of adventure and took them from 7am to 11pm. After that I think it seemed to go downhill. One of the boys trashed his feet and so that was the end of his skiing and another got quite sick. As far as I can gather they took a good weather window to fly out as that seemed the best option. I talked to Greg quickly yesterday on Skype before they set off for home and he seemed pretty down, which is not usual for him. They were heading for the Liard Hot Springs to lick their wounds a bit and shed some of the accumulated stinky ski smell. They were then going to drop Aaron off at his dad’s house and be home sometime Monday. I am sorry I can’t go into any more detail than that but you don’t have long to wait now. I am just glad that they are safe and coming home!!! Until tomorrow…

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