Well, it happens. Dang, I had such high hopes of hitting the big daddy today. You can’t always get lucky,and perhaps I did not do enough research. I thought we could drive to the end of the road, skin up and climb 8000ft to the summit of this babe. It was a lot more complex than that and will require another attempt. We drove and ended up in a beautiful valley, rimmed with huge cliffs, hanging seracs, frozen waterfalls and a tumbling glacier. No easy/safe way anywhere. Oops, next time I will go the serious long way up, but the safer easy way. There was also¬† a tonne of wind a cosistent 40 km and calling for 60+ on the summit so it was not the day to attempt it anyway. You can see the spindrifts all over the mountain.

Cerro Tronador is huge, 11000+ feet and towers over everything near by, it is 3000 feet higher than anything around and covered in glacier, weird. I wonder how it got to be so different from everything around it.

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