Oh yahhh!

Well things were a little stagnant lately and then whammo action time. The best turns of the year were had in the last week. Deep undisturbed powder on the Sapphire glacier, two days in a row.

First ,Wednesday we skied the two climbers right lines in low light conditions, but it didn’t matter since the turns were so deep. Then Thursday we ventured up Castor and along the Jupiter Traverse and down the Thorington route. Epic turns on the glacier before our ridge walk and then ridiculous turns down the Thorington route.

And then yesterday we went on a peak bagging mission. This is a great Tri-factor, Ursus minor, Ursus major and 8812, this is the third time I have done this loop and it has been wicked every time.

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Then today we went and skied a line I have been eyeing up for years. It is a wild chute that slashes its way down the North side of Mt-Cheops. Its a chute, onto a face, into a chute and then down the chute, rappel a 150 foot waterfall and ski out.  Complex and wild; Aaron and I welcomed the challenge and had some great turns down this line.

more to say but kids need a bath.

  1. Terry April 1, 2009 at 2:28 am

    Damn!!! Pretty outrageous lines to say the least – the Cheops one especially! I like seeing photos of your routes again. Thanks for posting up.

  2. jasper April 2, 2009 at 12:55 am

    Looks like some incredible days of skiing, high style! Thanks for the inspiration.

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