North Albert 9627ft

 DSC_2479.jpgWhen driving into Revelstoke from the west a giant monolith of a mountain stands off to the east. Usually when you see it, it is basking in alpen glow and looking especially pretty. Well today we finally headed to its summit.  We sledded in 9 km to where the road is washed out and then began our three hours of road walking. It’s amazing how far into this valley they have logged, their road led us directly into the alpine.

 By then we were a bit punched by the arduous approach, but we headed up. Selkirk tangiers decided to heli ski part of the line we were vying for. Its a little frustrating that they scooped us on our line but they did not ski off the summit nor did they earn their turns. It also cost them quite a lot more than it cost us.DSC_2464.jpg

 At around 8500 feet we had a boot pack up a steep slope, that led us to the summit ridge and finally the summit. A well deserved summit where we all sat there exhausted but excited about  where we were and the 7000 feet of descent ahead of us. The  road that was so frustrating on  the way in was heaven on the way out. From the summit to sleds was 40 minutes. and the a quick tow back to the trucks and we were done.DSC_2517.jpg

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