Nervous… for sure

I am most definitely nervous. It feels daunting, kinda intimidating. So much could go wrong. Avalanche hazard is high right now, but more than just being high its how sneaky the weakness is. You can easily sympathtically release a size 2-3 avalanche by skiing in the wrong spot.( that means triggering large avalanches from hundreds of meters away!!)

When I mentioned this goal to Charley, my eight year old daughter. The only thing she said was “Please don’t die” So I better not. There will be little change between now and when I start this. The compressive weight of the snowpack will bridge the weakness but only hide it till the next snowfall.

So terrain choices will be my goal, always thinking about working my way up the most structurally strong parts of the slope. Avoiding overhead hazards.

I had hopes to send some long journeys into the mountains and I will but.. they will be defined by a high level of safety. Constant vigilance.

That being said I cannot wait to get out and go.

In the meantime I am relaxing and getting ready by hanging out of a helicopter and filming russian billionaires heli ski.

  1. mattzki February 26, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    Give it all you can… it’s a crazy challenge, but I think you’re crazy enough! 🙂 Play safe and enjoy!

  2. byates1 February 26, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    funny how an old accomplished friend just said basically this ^^the other day when talking about your current mission.

    you are awesome, incredible, and at the current zenith of the sport. but you are nothing if you are not there for your family. nothing.

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