Mucho Viento but also Mucho Nieve

Once again the winds howled, and howled.  Lots of suffering but some satisfaction today. As I sit here and type my neck is sore from being hunched over all day, striving upwards against the wind. Termas de Chillan is closed due to the winds and snow over the last few days so we are touring up the hill. Its one of the safe spots where I can get some decent vertical while not being exposed and scared of the unknown/unseen.  I saw this car park here on Sunday and now two days later…

Its coming down that’s for sure, and getting blown around. It will be fun to see around when it finally clears but I can’t complain when it’s  like this….

Dave getting deep, and having a blast.  Many windy laps and good snow, which started slabbing up and getting a little upside down by the afternoon. More snow on the forecast for tomorrow…..

  1. bmcgowan July 9, 2010 at 4:28 am

    Great Blog-steamin hot in Canada-looks like mega snow in Chile-Is shot David Schein? I taught him everything he knows-except powder skiing. Keep it going and get more calories.
    Brian McGowan

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