I had a look at a wicked couloir off Mt-Davis, when we were on Mt-Begbie two days ago. So yesterday Joey and I went up Mt-Davis to look into the couloir. This chute seems wild from all angles, probable 2000ft of chute plus a 1000 foot fan, it calls out to be skied. At least from a distance, looking down it was wild and very warm by the time we got there, it was not calling our names. The sketchy chute will wait for another day.  Not included in the photo to keep it slightly secret>>!

But Mt-Davis is such an easy hit from revelstoke. Drive 20 minutes west, up a logging road till you hit snow, then sled to the base of the climb. up 4700 feet and voila the summit. Super cool terrain all around, I must come back here and play around next year. I have not been up here for at least 7 years, cool to be back.

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