Missed opportunity…

Life is about seeing opportunities and taking them.

I headed up to Chatter Creek with the Arcteryx gang for some video testimonials and some photos. Chatter creek is an awesome cat skiing business just north of Golden, the terrain is endless and the lodge amazing. When we arrived the place was over run by 20 young canadian military, they were in the process of finishing a two week intensive course on skiing and avalanches. We headed out for some photos in the evening light and then skied back down to the lodge. Almost immediately I switched to my light setup and I went for 2 more hours of skinning/ tree skiing. It got quite dark and I ended up doing two runs with my little headlamp. When I got back to the lodge the military boys where showing off all their guns and equipment.  That’s when I realized that I had missed a huge opportunity.  To ski with Night Vision goggles. Damn.Double damn. That would have been one of the coolest ways to ski at night.

The military boys finished their course and partied pretty hard, I skipped out since I cannot stay up late and tire my body out. But I did sample a ceasar drink with double tequila instead of vodka, which was really good and something I will have more often.

Anyhow we were there for 3 more days and each day I would get out ahead of the cat and tour up to wherever we were skiing, and then I would lap it up in the alpine till then end of the day. The skiing was decent, but the light was not great so I don’t feel like we managed many good shots. But more importantly I skied 6200ft, the two ten thousand foot days, and a small 2500ft on our travel day.   Today is a day off and then hammer time.

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