Macpherson Fingers

Macpherson Fingers Seemed early to be going to the fingers but with as much snow as we have been getting it definitely worked out. Dave and I started out at 7.45 and had our first run in by 9.30. I had hopes that Dave would ski 10 with me but at 9 his wife toured in with their 10 week old baby and they went for a little ski with him. Kaya is probably too young to realize how great the powder was but who knows he may have. There was about twenty different people out there today but with so many options we didn’t ski over many tracks. The recent snowfall added 45cm of fresh powder to an already deep snowpack. The snow is always amazing in Revelstoke but this seems like an extra deep start to the season. Here is my cousin Magee sampling some of the Monashee powder. No complaints! maggee.jpg

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