Last night I mentioned to Mickie that today was going to be an adventure, I don’t know if he thought I was serious or not. macdonald.jpg

It was an adventurous day to say the least. 11000 feet of new terrain and some wild skiing. After four thousand feet of climbing we found ourselves stopped in our tracks. What was ahead seemed to burly for the conditions and the only thing to do was ski down the chute below us. A bit solar but pretty amazing. It started off steep and got tighter till it turned out of sight. In to the unknown we went and had a great 2000 foot chute.macdd.jpg

We then toured up Avalanche Mountains east ridge and had a great descent down the east side. Great fast turns. Here is Aaron charging down the slope.aamac.jpg

After 8000 feet of touring we had to find our way home. Stuck deep behind Mt-MacDonald we toured up to the easiest col. Which we thought led to the Herdman Couloir. It was immediately obvious we were not exactly where we thought we were. But the chute below us was narrow and curvaceous, and it called to us. Mostly because it was 5:20 and options were limited. The chute led us out and down into the north facing bowl and 4500 feet of great powder led us back to the road and our car.DSC_2194.jpg

Amazing day of discovery in Roger’s Pass, I should probably take tomorrow off to spend time with my family.

all for now.

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