Love the life you live

Live the life you love. I can’t remember who sang that but the underlying statement rang true.

DSC_4504.jpgFirst day of the year felt great.Part way up the skin track we ran into these two ski tourers, two small ptarmigans walking up the skin track. Trekking up towards Video-Ursusminor col the mountains greeted us with deep powder and flat light. Skinning up I began to dream about skiing off Video peak, I figured it would be a great start to a season. Getting some decent footage, of us all shredding our first turns off the summit would have been amazing. I say “would” have because after assessing the conditions and feeling out the mountains we came to the conclusion that the time was not right.

DSC_4511.jpgInstead we toured up to a col east of Video. The col places you in a great situation where you can sit and stare at the NW Face of Ursus minor, and dream of shredding the multitude of chutes tearing down its face. The wind blew strong so we busted out the guides tarp and sat out the wind until we hoped a clearing would develop. Finally we grew bored of waiting and dropped into the line.

DSC_4516.jpgI stood at the top and enjoyed the build up to my first turns of the year. Slowly easing forward onto my skis and letting gravity take hold of me. That feeling of speeding up and the freedom that comes with it. All six of us enjoyed that feeling and let it take hold of us for the entire run. We all skied near each other and hooped and hollered our way to the valley bottom. Endless fun. Well almost endless…….

So great to be out there and have to deal with whatever nature throws at us. So amazing to feel the wind and hear the excitement of friends having a great time. So exciting to have a full season ahead of us… what will we acomplish this year?

  1. John November 13, 2007 at 6:05 am

    I look forward to the reports this season.

  2. Stewart November 17, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    What’s going on? I rely on your blog to keep current on local conditions, and while I’m pretty sure it’s going off at Rogers Pass at the moment, your blog is conspicuously blank. I guess I’ll just have to check it out myself.

  3. Jeff November 23, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    Hey Greg good to hear (read) that the skiing is shaping up good. Glad I can get some info from Argentina. I still dream about skiing every night, sometimes I don t know what I m doing down here, but variety is the spice of life (except for Sylvie, in her case it is cayen)

    Argentina[s awesome, just been cruising around in our rental car, you can drive as fast as you want here, the only rules are you can t hold up traffic.

    Talk to you later, Jeff

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