loss of momentum

Wow, someone has taken the wind out of my sails. In the last week I have only toured one 10 000 foot day. It was up while guiding at Sol and I managed to pull in a couple of laps during the day and then finished off with a night lap. Guiding comes first so I always work my hardest to ensure I am being the perfect guide and then if I can I sneak out for a few laps to try and achieve my silly goal I will.

But things are finally settling down and I will be able to get after it, but I am on the fringe of not being able to tour 100 ten thousand foot days, it is looking like I will have to tour a bit moe on some days and go for a million in less than 100 days, in other words average over 10 000 a day for the season. I am not sure if I like the math or not, I always liked the clean mathematical concept of 100 * 10 000 footers.

Well we will see, I better go and get after it today.

  1. jake February 21, 2007 at 10:57 pm

    Greg wondering why your saying it won’t happen. You guys aren’t exactly running ot of winter up there are you? Or did you set an end date that the million needs to be logged by? In addition I have found your practice very inspiring and am setting a goal of 3 10k days this winter/spring.
    big sky till i die..

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