Legs burning from 2 more volcanoes

Another solo day out climbing and skiing off Volcanoes. I used to say that you were not crazy until you had full on conversations with yourself, out loud.  Today I realized that I question in my head and answer out loud.  I think I better find some partners soon. Loco gringo.

I am really enjoying the different style mountains here. Usually a north facing skier, I must now become a south facing skier, since it is all reversed.  My go to aspect back home is NE, usually protected from most wind events it is the one where you find the best snow. Here it seems to be SE where I have found the best turns.

Also the heat vents from the volcanoes are posing a new threat to touring and a new challenge to setting the perfect skin track.  If you are not careful its easy to be touring along and fall through the snow, so far the falls have been small. If I am not careful I could easily fall into a larger hole.  They are neat though, they keep catching me off guard, ” hey look smoke, maybe there is a cabin there with a fire and people” nope just another heat vent.

The summit today had a ice axe marker with the best rhyme I have ever seen. The crazy moisture the other day couple with high winds created the largest rhyme I have ever seen. So big in fact that I had to climb on top to ensure that I was on the “true” summit.

Another 10000 foot day to work my way back up.  Half way through the year on July 2. I won’t be at a million but I won’t be out of the game either. Working hard to ensure that, probable be back on par mid july. I would hope.

  1. treepilot June 27, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    Post a picture the next vent! I’d like to hear about logistics too. Rental vehicle to the top of a pass like up here? Long approach, no approach? Slogging from valley bottom? Skiing to valley bottom? Or are these turns slackcountry?

    Great summit shot btw!

  2. jvos June 28, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    go Sumitman!

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