Leaving Las Lenas

Well my last days in Las Lenas came and went quickly.   My second to last day I headed out with Jesse and focused on a fun line with her rather than an extreme line. I realized that  she is not ready for a 50 degree couloir but she was ready to summit a 12 000 foot peak.

We headed up and toured to ski off Cerro Entre Rios and on our way toured up the funniest skin track, not much snow left around except the skin track!

From there we continued to the top and Jesse stood on her tallest mountain top ever. Here we are enjoying the summit together.

From there we skied a fun slope, something that Jesse could shred and enjoy versus be gripped and sideslip. Its called xenia and was a beautiful alpine line. After the fun brother-sister run we enjoyed lunch together and she headed home and I headed back to the top.

from there I skied Leucemia, the tight couloir that I was glad I did not drag Jesse down. It was a steep and wild line that was really fun, it had been skied by three people but was still nice and soft.

From there I toured back up and summitted Cerro Negro and then headed up to Toricellas to take a look at the terrain there.

Pretty cool, lots of lines, of which I skied Este 1, a protected south east slope. Great turns to finish of a fun week of adventure in Las Lenas.

I have been blown away by the potential of this place, huge terrain, endless mountains and big time terrain. I hope to return one day when the snow is deep and the lines filled in.

Now we are on the beach in Chile enjoying some family time till they head home and leave me familyless. Great to get out of the mountains and refresh myself.

  1. soulskier September 11, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    Stoked you got a taste of the big Andes! And even happier to have made friends with you and the family. Breathe and Believe amigo. See you in Revelstoke!

  2. mrs.sprouleo September 13, 2010 at 1:08 am

    Lookin good brotha… keep up the hard work… I have been enjoying your adventure so far….♥ miss you and the family

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