Last day with the folks

My mom and step Dad have been here for three weeks and today was their final day of touring. I went out early and busted off 4000 feet before I met up with them. Ian, my step brother and I toured up Grizzly shoulder with our parents. Somehow over the years I have toured plenty of places with them but never the infamous Grizzly Shoudler.

The snow was great and we all enjoyed an adventurous run down. Quite sad to watch them ski away!dd.jpg

Ian and I lapped back up to enjoy some steep and deep skiing down towards Teddy bear trees. On the way up I met a few people who had stumbled upon this blog. It’s ineteresting to find out how they found it but great in the end as everyone is psyched with my goal and is hopefully motivated to try their own big days.iian.jpg

77 days left.

  1. Don January 9, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    Greg (and Ian)
    thanks again for a great ski adventure

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