Kootenay Cold Smoke Powder Festival

The body is feeling great again, my feet are back to normal and it is time to hammer a few ten thousand foot days. I am almost at half way in terms of available time and I am at day 41, I hope to have 44 days done by the 15th which will mean I am six days behind in my goal. That will leave 90 days to ski 56 days so almost two thirds of the time I have to be skiing 10 000 footers. Intimidating but completely possible. Just have to keep focused and get out skiing.

In two weeks I will be heading down to the Kootenay Cold Smoke Powder Festival in Nelson. I will be giving a slide show and also hosting two days of clinics. During the clinics I will give up a few of my “secrets” as well as provide a great day of touring. Seems like a cheaper way to get guided by yours truly.ColdSmoke_Logo_CMYK2.jpg

Seriously though it should be a very interesting weekend with lots of slide shows and interesting skiers from across North
America. Come down and get into the backcountry.

  1. Sean and Lisa Downing February 15, 2007 at 11:54 pm

    Hi Greg we are friends of Traceys from cornwall U.K. love to ski but you are nuts. Great to see piccys of the new born and Charlie give Tracey our love and tell her to email
    Great journal though and some awesome piccys hoping to ski canada next year if all goes to plan.

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