Jumbo Cabin

The whole reason I went up to Jumbo was that I hoped to be able to get some quality footage for the Sweetgrass Production boys. I figured that if I wanted a small section in their movie I would have to dedicate some time to getting the footage. When the opportunity to go to Jumbo presented itself it seemed the ideal location to get some great video. I imagined hiking a summit before sunrise shredding down in the morning light, while the boys filmed from the cabin doorstep. Then nailing great footage all day to finish off with some really beautiful alpen glow turns.

 I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. We experienced amazing snow, but absolutely no light. No matter that the turns were epic it seemed like we would never get the light to capture it. It grew frustrating for me to be there. I was there strictly for video purposes and it seemed pointless since we were not getting anything decent.  But we tried and hopefully some of it turns out.

The cabin was a classic backcountry hut. Designed for six we filled it with ten people. Great times were had I just wish I had been there to simply ski the fantastic snow.

I have almost finished the latest movie, I have had enough footage for a bit I just didn’t have enough time to put it together.  Nothing epic just great mountain moments.

The last two days have been memorial days for two friends who have been lost to the mountains, Greg Todds and Aidan Oloman. Both amazing people that  are missed by many. Greg died on th 13 of jan 04, and Aidan the 14th of Jan 06. 

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