I have finally landed on the Eagle

This mountain has been staring at me for a long time, proud and prominent it has such a  striking south face that one cannot help but dream of skiing it.  I have always imagined skiing it under melt freeze conditions, but there have been a few parties over the last few years that have skied it in powder.  Quite a line.

The couloir is called the Stutfield couloir after the first ascentionist who climbed it in 1898, the peak is 9338 feet or 2846 m tall.

I finally decided that today was the day for the Eagle, almost 7 days of sun so the melt freeze cycle is well under way. We left the parking lot at 5.30 am and headed up, by 8 we had ski crampons on and we were cutting our way up steep frozen terrain. 9 am and  the boot pack was under way, up and onto the south face, perfect frozen crust made for great footsteps. 10:30 am and we were on the summit. Waiting for the face to warm up a bit more we enjoyed some relaxation and then headed down around 11:15. The pitch had warmed up perfectly and we carved some great corn turns down the face. Super fun. and no worries about avalanches unless we had waited up there for too long.

Great day.

  1. jv April 17, 2010 at 5:51 am

    looks like i missed some good times! b bak tomorrow. got a dome sent out for us…

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