Hostile life

I forgot to mention the washrooms! Well I am not going to mention them,  you can imagine if the kitchen is bad, the washrooms won’t be any better.

Last night Jesse and I watched “the man from snowy river”, since it was such a long movie it was around 11.30 pm as we were drifting off. Then the neighbors alarm started going off,  then he turned his music on, and started shouting across the hall to his friend. Then his alarm went off, and talking loudly on his phone. Finally he went to take a shower and left his music on, and while he was showering his alarm went off again, and again. I broke, and went and asked his friend to turn off his alarm and his music, which he did. The dude came back and put his music back on and continued to make a tonne of noise. Finally they left to the party around 1 am. It became so quiet and I was finally drifting off to sleep. It felt so nice, quiet and calm. Then the DOG began barking, and barking. At what I have no idea but for the rest of the night this DOG was going off, barking for 30 minutes, taking a brief break and then going at it again.   Needless to say I had a shitty night sleep.

While in Bariloche, this girl Steph emailed me, turns out she is on a similar quest  to mine. She is trying to ski 4 million feet, lift access. It was fun to meet someone else who has an obsession with vertical, someone else who looks at their watch several times a day every day to check and see their progress. She has a pretty amazing itinerary, traveling all around the world, Chile,Argentina,New Zealand,India, Alaska, Canada, and much more. She has a quirky sense of humour and runs a pretty funny blog, one that had Tracey laughing a lot more than mine ever has. theverticalfeat.   Honestly it is nice knowing that I am not the only person obsessing about some silly number on a watch, and as of now I am still ahead of her…..

  1. treepilot September 21, 2010 at 1:58 am

    Clever name for her site. She is funny:

    But you’re funny too, especially that bit about being ahead.

    Now get off the net, get some sleep, and get after it. I need that $50 gift certificate!

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