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I have been a little remiss on getting back after my goal as well as writing in this blog. Home has been great so far, friends, family and comfort.

The snow has been a little slow in coming. I have managed to ski 5 days and summit my 66th mountain of the year, Macrae. At 8200 ft its quite a small mountain but it still challenged me quite well. I had not been up there in 7 years, and I remember the summit ridge but it seemed easyish. This year there was very little snow and it made for rocky, slabby climbing. I would have preferred snow to slippery rocks. the boys were laughing at me as I crawled to the summit. Still great to add another peak onto this mission.

There is a nice 700 ft snowpatch on Macrae that attracts lots of people in the early season, this day there was 30 people coming in. We managed to go earlier and do two runs before anyone else and then we were gone by the time the hordes arrived. What I found amazing was that I knew only 2 of the 30, the times are changing around Revelstoke.

Yesterday we headed out to and skied a nice north line, enough snow to cautiously shred the alpine.

Photo :Joey Vosburgh

So there is some good skiing to be found, it is that its only for 800-1000 feet and be wary. We have about 60 cm of snow but I am hoping for more soon.

Here is a link to an article on Its a decent article but the first sentence is a little off. I mean, insane?!?  Ok maybe a little crazy but….makes me think of the saying” normal to a crazy person seems insane.”

Also big thanks to Harvey for his donation, much needed and appreciated, especially since he suggested it go towards coffees and apple fritters.

  1. hoarhey November 9, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Good to see you back at work, greg.
    enjoyed unbearable lightness of skiing, thanks.
    hope the snow comes in for you soon

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