Heli flight

I had plans to spend the day at home but somehow I found myself leaning out of a helicopter taking photos of the cat skiing operation in Revelstoke. This area is what will become the Revelstokes Ski hill, a development that has just begun and will culminate into a huge resort. I can testify that this hill has some amazing terrain and amazing snow and will become a great ski destination. It will also access some incredible backcountry terrain! Here is a photo of the north face of Mt-Mackenzie, Scott Newsome and I skied it on April fools 2002. We dubbed the line “april fools”. Scott went climbers right and I chose the left line.macker.jpg

  1. steve romeo December 29, 2006 at 3:28 am

    Nice line Greg!

    FYI, I have a link to your site in my post today…skiing 10,000′.

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