Great Fishing


Wow when we threw our nets out I, hoped, but never figured we would net the big fish we did! Things went amazingly well considering the weather and objectives.
asu.jpgWe left town at 4.20 and then started touring from the Illecileweat around 5 am. At Asulkan pass by 8.30. I have never skied down Asulkan and it was great, some decent dust on crust turns and then hard melt freeze crust to the bottom. Which was great considering what we were skiing down, at one point I caught an edge and found myself sliding head first down the crust. All went well and we were touring up by 9am. At 10 we met up with the Golden gang, who were camping, and headed off as a group.

Staring up the Comstock we could all see that it went but knew we had a lot of challenges before we even got to the top of the ultimate line. We toured up to twisted rock and then down onto the Selwyn glacier and up to the Selwyn/Hasler col.

From there we climbed up and over a little bump and worked our way over to Hasler. This is when things got interesting. Here is Conor "a la cheval".alachevale.jpg

Hasler is the second highest summit in the Selkirks and a prize well worth waiting for. We scurried across the ridge till we were finally on the summit. Sitting there at 5pm it was almost 12 hours of hard work to get there and so little time to enjoy it. We were on the fence as to go forward towards the Comstock or back the way we had come. Mark was very determined and worked us down the ridge and to the top of the Comstock. I could not believe it, we were standing on top of the Comstock looking down thousands of feet to the valley. It was a little whiteout but the rocks that bordered the chute gave us perspective. Soon enough we were in it and leap frogging 6 people down the biggest unskied line in the area. The snow was perfect, tightened but very carveable, but we were hesitant that at any point it could change to glacial ice, so we skied with our ice axes at the ready. But the snow remained perfect and we finally exited the choke and skied out the fan.Com6stock.jpg
The highest point between Golden and Revelstoke gets skied by both towns together. A unity of strengths. Pretty amazing. I also got some of the best footage of the year.

Yesterday morning we woke up and started touring up towards Mt-Fox, the sun was shinning and it looked like a perfect morning. Soon enough the clouds rolled in and we were high up in the whiteout. But being so close to the 17 highest summit we couldn’t stop ourselves and we booted up to the summit by

The skies cleared just in time for our descent down the Nface of Fox. I missed the bench I was aiming for and was a little lower than I wanted but it all worked out with a deep powdery descent down the face.Fox%20Wst.jpg 

It’s wild that we can get so lucky. Sitting at the bottom of the face we were blown away by our last two days. Perseverance and stubborness seem to really help in achieving lofty goals. But it was far from over we still had to tour up the Geiki glacier and get home.

The whiteout got thicker as we toured up the glacier  and I started to tour us  towards the east when we wanted to go west. Things started to feel funny as the wind and sun changed direction so we stopped and pulled out the GPS. It showed us off track and we started heading West towards Young peak so that we could ski Forever Young. By 7 pm we were at the col, I was supposed to be home by now so Tracey could go to a staggette and have some girly time. But I was far from home and hated that I had screwed up her freedom.  What an asshole!

We skied forever Young, a 1500 foot couloir and headed home. Beaten and tired we were psyched to be in the car. Mission accomplished, big fish caught. 

  1. ryan April 4, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    WOW! The Comstock, proudest line in the Selkirks. Way to go fellas.

  2. Terry April 4, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Congratulations! Very nice routes!!! Can’t wait to see the footage.

  3. dirtycod April 5, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    nice work greg, all this since i saw you at the pool? hats off to ya buddy!

  4. karkis April 6, 2008 at 2:28 am

    hey g
    when we skiied out the next day we saw a wolverine in the incomappleux!!! it had come over from glacier circle, it shredded a sweet line off the shoulder of the witches tower and followed your track down thru the gnar on the geikie. it ran from the schralp hawks tho!!!!

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