good times

A deep day of trail breaking made today arduous but the powder was exceptional. Dave,Jeff and I drove up the Laforme road and headed straight up into the hills. Initially we could not tell exactly where we where and we headed up until something made sense.  Eventually we figured out where we were, and we had a great 800 foot shot. Then toured to the top of April and skied a cool run call Chivas, which was 3000 feet of wicked turns, fast and epic. We headed back up for some more, 2400 ft  later and we had another wicked run waiting.  Shred time once again and we followed our sweet skin track back up to the top of April. At 5.15 pm headlamps on we shredded down to the valley floor.

Great powder, and fun times with the headlamps on.

10 200 ft of awesomeness, with 7800 ft of trail breaking…..

  1. betsyderek December 28, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Go Greg!

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