Ghost circumnavigation

Finally off the couch and out in the mountains.
Doug’s birthday always comes around with an adventure. At 38 this guy has had a tonne of amazing trips. But each year around his birthday we try and get out and go on a mission. Something a little different, this year we ended up circumnavigating Ghost peak.

Ghost peak is interesting; as you can see there is a higher peak to the right in the photo. But somehow the lower peak is called Ghost and the larger “ghost like” peak has no name. And when looked at on the imperial maps the named Ghost peak is 100 feet higher than the other. But when we stood on the summit we looked up at the unamed peak. It’s confusing. I am going to continue to call the higher unamed peak Ghost peak.
Anyhow the tour was hot, up to 8’C in the sun. But we worked the slopes and had a great run around Ghost peak, past a pocket glacier and into a meadow. From there we had a quick tour up a treed bump, and we shredded some solar snow back towards Revelstoke Mountain.
A beautiful sunset and then fresh powder turns down Roscoes into Montana bowl and home.
A day off and then the Hat peak Canoe adventure. Similar to last year just more tiring and less powder.
I loved the adventure of the canoe combined with the ski tour, so I convinced a few friends to get better canoes and we headed across. We arrived with 3 canoes and a posse of 7.
The initial 600ft were as bushy and bashy as last year and then the rest of the tour unraveled well. Not as much snow so we had more willows and alders to deal with but soon enough we were up and into the alpine. Crown lines everywhere made the decision to turn around quite easy. We made it high up to a col and knew that the steep boot pack to ridge was not worth it. So we enjoyed some sunshine and skied 6500 feet to the lake.

The canoe across the lake makes it seem so much more remote, it’s a day trip but somehow it feels like a full on adventure, like a traverse. It felt so great to be out adventuring, not just ski touring but full on mission. Multi-glisse….

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