Geetz Day

Two years ago today Greg Todds died while noboarding in trout lake. Greg was an amazing innovator, a gnarly snowboarder who pushed the limits for years, he originated the superpipe and invented the noboard in my basement. This board was his way of going back to the origins of snowboarding, sans bindings. Similiar to surfing here is a photo of greg dreaming of the noboard.GTsurfing.jpg

Today I went back to the fingers for a quick 10 000. I have things to do, children to hang out with, so I needed to get some vertical done quickly. You would think that the fingers would be boring to me by now but somehow I keep finding more to explore. Maybe its because I am right handed but whenever I have crested the ridge I have always headed right. A couple of weeks ago I went left and discovered a wild treed chute that I wouldn’t have dragged my worst enemy down, but today I may have found my favorite line at the fingers. It’s a 2500 foot line that is slides its way down from the ridge, tight at times but mostly wide open terrain. Perfect for shredding.

Also ventured further down the ridge but ended up missing the line I was hoping for. I still had great turns but missed the line at the top and ended up traversing into it lower down. All in all I had a fantastic day and finished by 11:00 am
25 % done, lots to go…..

  1. Andrew McLean January 17, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    Uhhh Greg, I think you are the only person in the world who could get away with saying you went out for "a quick 10,000′." 🙂

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