Frenchman’s Cap

My last movie was called mountain animals, I wish i had kept that title for today’s adventures. We canoed across the lake to access Frenchman’s cap,  a very dramatic summit that towers over the lake. The drainage we accessed, park creek, is a seldom visited, very primordial drainage. Huge cliffs border the creek the whole way up and massive trees  fill the valley bottom.
First off we stumbled upon some old wolf tracks, then some fresh Wolverine tracks, around a corner we found a tree that a piliated wood pecker was in the process of destroying. Then we toured onto a kill, or what was left of a moose, which was exactly a lot of fur, some blood and two pelvic bones; there were lots of wolf tracks all round this area. Further on some marten tracks and then we saw that we had scared a wolverine up the valley, he ended up climbing up to a high col to the west of our high point! Then on the ridge I stumbled onto some Goat tracks that came up and out of a dramatic chute. and finally a bald eagle soared over us as we were getting ready to canoe home. Mountain animals everywhere. 

The tour up was amazing, a little longer in the valley than I had hoped, but when we were standing under our run none of us had any complaints. The north facing snow looked amazing and the line looked awesome. The tour up was huge, straight up and around till we finally spotted the summit.  There seemed to be no easy way up to it so we climbed as high as we could and then skied our line.dudu.jpg
What a line it was, a large chute bordered by impressive peaks, with perfectly settled snow the whole way down.A  Very remoteline  that  most likely has never been skied before. Awesome turns the whole way down and then a great canoe home…. A great adventure.

  1. alyn April 3, 2008 at 3:54 am

    No way… Well done guys! Its a fine looking peak for sure. every time i drive up there I’m dreaming about being up in that alpine…

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