Forever Young

DSC_2937.jpgThe weather is very warm right now with temperatures in town reaching 20’C. So all that incredible powder we had on our traverse has now pretty much disappeared. It is still hidden in north facing runs but even those are getting melted out. I still managed some great turns but more because of the situation rather than the powder skiing.

 Today was a great day for terrain photos so I went out with the intention of getting shots of features that I don’t have already. So I went up Glacier Crest to get some angles on the Asulkan and Illecilliweat valleys. I got some photos I had been lacking and then skied down to the Illecilliweat glacier. I then skinned up to the summit of Young’s Peak and skied off the East side. Cool run that I have never been down before, nothing dramatic about the skiing just the ambiance.

 DSC_2940.jpgI then toured back up to the top of Forever Young. Forever Young is a 2000 foot chute that is surrounded by huge cliffs and some have said close to 60 degrees! Regardless the chute is wicked and always worth a ski. Two skiers skied it about two days ago but they left me some powder on the walls and in the fan. 

Then I skied to the bottom of the mouse trap where I ran into an old friend from University. I haven’t seen Heather in 8 years and managed to run into her in the middle of the backcountry,  turns out she has moved out west and is keen on the recreation scene out here. So no doubt I will see her again.

To finish off my ten thousand feet I toured up the Sapphire Glacier until my watch ticked over and then I was down and on my way home. 8hrs 10130 feet  day 67(not quite where I hoped to be?!?)

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